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Warm tones, perfect patterns and soft shapes... Anthropologie's Fall Window's are here!  

#anthrowindows #anthrodisplay



Ninbella is an aboriginal art gallery based in Bangalow, NSW.

Aboriginal culture in the form of art has been produced for thousands of years for their own private purposes. Contemporary Australian Aboriginal art is now considered one of the most vibrant artistic movements of contemporary art.

I was asked to create a display to feature the works of Niah Mcleod, a local Bangalow fine dot artist.  I've learned so much about Australian Aboriginal art and culture while working with Grant at his Studio.



My Anthropologie holiday windows are finally here!

Months and months of prep, and I can finally show what I've been working on!  A gingerbread village composed entirely of cardboard, sparklespray paint, and a whole lot of fake snow.  

When the lamp post finally worked.. it was the icing on the cake ;)

Here's a little video to show what it's been like behind the scenes



I've always been into D.I.Y crafts, and now I get to write and share about my ideas!


 As a D.I.Y writer for Chatelaine Magazine, I'll be sharing my tips and tricks for creating one-of-a-kind creative projects for your home.

Check out my articles at


Jessica Organ, Bottle flowers.jpg

I am beyond excited to work with the display team at Anthropologie in Rockefeller Centre!  


As a display intern, I'll be working alongside the display coordinators, creating the exciting and inspiring window displays and interior installations that Anthropologie is known for. 

Here's the display I recently helped create, using recycled water bottles to transform them into beautiful flowers!

#anthrowindows #anthrodisplay



I've recently begun working with Toronto based interior designer, Marlene Solomon, as she creates high end, luxury interiors, and interior staging for clients throughout the city.


What a change from working behind the scenes at Anthropologie!  



Back behind the scenes for a shoot... this time, for the June 2017 issue of 'Inside Out Magazine', assisting stylist Vanessa Coyler Tay.



My first windows back at Anthropologie...this time, in Toronto.

Our 'Reflections' window features fields of lavender and florals, replicated, enlarged, and brought to life!  

The backdrop was painted with painstaking detail and the

florals were recreated with paper, wax, and dyed canvas.   This window is the perfect window to welcome summer! 

#anthrowindows #anthrodisplay



It's so good to be back at Hearst Publications.  I'll be at Elle Decor Magazine for the next few months, getting a taste of what it's like to work in the style department.

Having never worked in food styling before, this was such a great learning experience!

Here's some images from a recent shoot, for the March 2012 issue.


Jessica Organ, Bottle flowers.jpg

I have recently begun working with designer Francesca Signori on a new store display for Custo Barcelona.

Custo is known for their bold colours and energetic prints, and that is exactly what our display aimed to highlight.

A kaleidoscope of colour, featuring images from Custo's recent runway show, displayed throughout the store highlighted by bright coloured walls.

Our new Custo Barcelona display is anything but boring .  Check it out above!



Building Up is a Toronto-based social enterprise providing training and employment in the trades for those who experience barriers to employment. 

I was recently asked to partake in this year's 'Building Up' Fundraiser in Toronto at the Centre for Social Innovation.  The Fundraiser, Building Up Together, was such a success last year, raising over $40,000.  Over 20 artists around the city were selected to create works of art from objects reclaimed from job sites (think old cabinets, sheet metal, and doors!)

Check them out HERE 



Curating the classes, and Managing Work-Shop Sydney is always a good time.. especially when I get to teach the classes myself.

My 'Shibori' classes are all online now!

Come and learn the beautiful and ancient Japanese resist-dyeing technique known as Shibori.  In this class you will learn the basics of creating an indigo dye-bath using pre-reduced inigo crystals and Shibori techniques to generate unique patterns and designs.

Learn more HERE



What a crazy year it's been!  

We've opened over 10 new stores nationwide at Ally, each with their own unique display moments and creative fitouts.  Working on both interiors and displays mean these spaces get a complete transformation! 


Here's a sneak peak on what I've been working on.  


Fashion 1.jpg

It's so exciting to see what it's like working behind the scenes at Hearst Magazines.

In the style and market department at Country Living Magazine, I've had the opportunity to work in both tabletop and fashion styling, as well as the marketing department. 

Here's a few shots on location from a shoot for the January and February 2011 issues. 


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